There is more to Jamaica than its captivating culture and its ranking as the "3rd Coolest Country in the World" by the US television news network CNN. With a population of 2.7 million, Jamaica's growing business sophistication as a small island developing state with enormous possibilities for trade and inward investment, makes it a destination of choice for discerning investors and business people. 

Strategically located at the gateway of the major air and sea routes into the Caribbean, Jamaica is within easy reach of the major global markets, with over half a billion of the world’s population living within a four hour flight radius. The island also has the largest English-speaking workforce in the Caribbean, which is known globally for its creative and enterprising spirit.

These attributes, coupled with sophisticated infrastructure and a stable business climate, have aided Jamaica’s emergence as a regional hub for trade and an important investment destination for major transnational corporations (TNCs), such as Heineken, Texaco, Fujitsu, Glaxo Smith Kline and Bank of Nova Scotia.

As an open economy, the island is well integrated into the global economy with external trade contributing prominently to overall economic activity. Jamaica's diversified market economy offers an exciting range of investment projects of significant scale in the key sectors of Information and Communications Technology (ICT)/Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Tourism, Manufacturing and Logistics.

With the expansion of the Panama Canal resulting in the doubling of its current capacity, Jamaica is poised to benefit significantly from the expected increase in cargo passing through the Canal to regional transshipment points. As the island commences its transformation into the fourth pillar in the global supply and logistics chain alongside Singapore, Dubai and Rotterdam, business interests can gain first mover advantage on the many investment opportunities that are opening up in the maritime, air, manufacturing and logistics and related industries.

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